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Uwezo’s 2012 Annual Learning Assessment created outrage in the news. The print press in particular were swift in their condemnation of the education sector in Tanzania for not delivering for children.

The findings from the assessment of Standard 2 level numeracy and literacy (English and Kiswahili) skills among children aged 7 to 16 years are a strong condemnation of the education being provided to Tanzanian students.

Only one in four children in Standard 3 can read a Standard 2 story in Kiswahili.

Four out of ten children in Standard 3 are able to do multiplication at Standard 2 level.

Less than one out of ten children in Standard 3 can read a Standard 2 level English story.

The Citizen read ‘Survey reveals literacy shame’ and went onto highlight the poor national results as well as the discrepancies highlighted between wealthier, urban children in private schools and their low-income, rural counterparts in government schools.

Tanzania Daima was even stronger calling the results a ‘national disaster’ (Kiswahili). Even the government owned Daily News was uncharacteristically blunt: Illiteracy haunts public pupils.

The broadcast media also covered the results with the same tone of disbelief and dismay. Clouds FM, ZBC and a number of other radio and TV stations covered the launch.

Twaweza Open Development consultant Ben Taylor posted on his Mtega blog in search of some positive news from the report. He highlighted that despite all the terrible performance there were pockets of success that we could investigate further and learn from.

Much of the coverage, however, was in the same vein, expressing shock and horror about the results and calling for government action.

At Twaweza and Uwezo, however, we believe that we all have a roll to play in ensuring children learn – action truly can be taken at every level.

Coverage available online
Survey reveals literacy shame, The Citizen
Illiteracy haunts public pupils – Report, Daily News
Nusu darasa la saba hawawezi Kiingereza cha darasa la pili, Mwananchi
Watoto wengi hawajui kusoma kuandika – Utafiti, Tanzania Daima
Hili ni janga la taifa, Tanzania Daima

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