Sauti za Wananchi monthly series | Health facilities and citizens

This month Sauti za Wananchi releases telling new data about citizens' experiences of health facilities and health workers views of the same.

Issues examined include travel time, waiting time, availability of key medical personnel, presence of birbery and whether those entitled to free treatment and care, receive it.

Sauti za Wananchi, managed by Twaweza, is Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey. It provides scientifically reliable data on citizen opinions and monitoring data on what is going on in our society.

Citizens regularly debate issues and policy makers make decisions for the whole country, but with poor access to the experiences and realities of a large majority of citizens. It is also difficult to get reliable information on whether policies are working on the ground, and to be able to compare the situation across different places. Sauti provides an efficient mechanism to obtain timely and reliable data at low cost. In 2014 we expect to conduct 20 survey rounds, in collaboration with partners. More information

In order to inform public and policy thinking, Twaweza has launched a new monthly series to share and debate findings from Sauti za Wananchi. Each month, fresh evidence on a specific issue will be presented and debated. The sessions will be held at the National Museum on the first Tuesday of each month from 0745-0900, over a light breakfast, followed by a session with local media from 900 to 10am.

The second session will take place on Tuesday 6 May and will cover citizens' experiences of health facilities in Tanzania.

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