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The David Astor Journalism Awards Trust (DAJAT) is a London-based human rights organisation that works to promote, strengthen and support independent journalism in Africa. It was established in 2006 in order to run an innovative programme for African journalists, focusing on professional development and long-term career support.

The program currently operates in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The David Astor Journalism Awards is inviting nominations for it's tenth round of professional development awards for East African print journalists. Searching for exceptionally promising, talented and early-career journalists working in English, who have the greatest potential and determination to excel in the profession; three awards are available annually for candidates from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The selection process involves four stages: nominations, written applications, interviews and final judging.

What they are looking for:

The selection process for these awards is highly competitive. Nominators will carefully consider five essential assessment criteria before nominating a prospective candidate. The candidate must meet these criteria before he or she progresses through the evaluation process.

  • Professional commitment and true passion for journalism.
  • Local commitment to their community and ability to positively influence it through their profession.
  • Talent that is distinct from skills acquired through education and training, that will help them excel in this profession.
  • High ethical standards in both their personal and professional life.
  • Strong personal qualities that will drive them to pursue excellence in this profession.

Nomination process

There are no specific age restrictions, or educational, work and training experience requirements, but candidates must be full time working journalists. They may be employed or retained by a news media house or working independently as a correspondent/freelancer for one or more news outlets.

The nominators are the initial judges in the multi-stage selection process of these awards. Their role is to identify potentially suitable candidates in the first instance. Only one candidate will be accepted from each nominator per year. Each media house is considered a single nominator and limited to one nomination, regardless of the number of publications it produces. However, media house that produce publications in more than one country, may nominate one candidate from each country.

Other organizations, - including journalists associations, training institutions, and civic groups - and affiliated individuals may each nominate one candidate.

To nominate a candidate, the Nomination Form must be filled and emailed to:


All nominations forms must be sent to the given address no later than 26th April 2016. Forms received afterwards will not be considered for nominations.

Selection process

Nominated candidates will be required to complete application forms, supply three examples of their recently published work, and write two personal statements: one telling their life story: the other one explaining their professional interests and ambitions. After a careful review process, the shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and conducted a background check upon. Finalists will then be  chosen and interviewed by an independent panel of judges, who will decide the winners. the winners will be announced early 2017.

The awards

Each award winner will take part in a work-experince programme, individually tailored to his or her particular professional development needs and interests lasting three months.

The general aim of this programme is to expose the award winners to different news reporting environment and  some of the special know-how expertise and working practices of other, more seasoned journalists. they offer opportunities for the award winners to enhance their capabilities, to broaden their professional outlook, and to develop useful new contacts.

Each award winner will also receive a nominal cash award of 500$ and become a career long member of the David Astor Journalism Award Winner's Network, a regional peer-support group with links to other media professionals and organizations locally and abroad.


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