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Uwezo’s latest Annual Learning Assessment report spurred wide debate and coverage in the Tanzanian media.

As with previous Uwezo reports, the assessment shows that children are still not learning to expected levels. The report also comes at a critical time for Tanzania; the fifth phase government has introduced a number of reforms in the education sector and the report can provide a baseline as to where we are starting from. The report also reviews progress towards the Education For All goals which expired in 2015.

For the most part the coverage focused on the findings themselves. During the launch, the issue of teacher absenteeism was also discussed alongside its financial implications and this was also a focus of the media coverage.

TV stations that covered the findings include Clouds, ITV, Star TVand TBC1. Radio stations that covered the launch include EFM, TBC Taifa, Clouds FM, East Africa FM. As ever print coverage was the most voluminous, with The Citizen, Daily News, Majira, Tanzania Daima, Mwananchi, Jambo Leo, The Guardian, Habari Leo, Zanzibar Leo and Raia Tanzania all covering the report and findings, some for more than one day.

A particular highlight was a topic on Tanzania’s most popular talk show Malumbano ya Hoja to discuss whether all the current reforms in education would really address the challenge of pupils leaving primary school without the ability to read and do maths at Grade 2 level.

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