Twaweza in 2015 | Annual Report

2015 was the first year of implementing our new strategy. In this Annual Report we take stock of how far we progressed against the milestones we set ourselves and what we will change for this year.

Here are some highlights:

We carried out the largest citizen-led learning assessment that has ever been done in Africa. We reached all but one (Samburu North in Kenya) of the 429 districts in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, supported by a network of 79 regional coordinators, 428 district coordinators, 1,279 village coordinators, 125 trainers and 25,638 Uwezo volunteers. We have produced a large dataset that includes more than 140 million data points from 11,000 schools, 310,000 households and 410,000 children.

We contributed to a better informed public debate by analyzing four Bills tabled in Parliament that could potentially erode Civic Space in Tanzania. We did so without jeopardizing the hard-earned respect of the Government of Tanzania with whom we worked to successfully host the first African Regional Open Government meeting in May and the first Africa Open Data Conference in September.

We successfully recruited a new panel of 2,400 adults, 125 schools, 90 health facilities and 200 local leaders across Tanzania for our second Sauti za Wananchi panel. We repeated this achievement in Kenya to set the stage for a successful launch of Sauti za Wananchi in that even more competitive environment.

In a year of intense election campaigns in Tanzania and Uganda, we pioneered an experimental exploration of those attributes of elected officials that influence how citizens vote, and laid the groundwork for the ambitious task of understanding the social contract between voters and elected officials in the two countries.

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Authors: Risha Chande



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