Looking for Data to publish? Uwezo data are available for you

Are you looking for data to publish? Use data from Africa’s largest learning assessment program - Uwezo. Uwezo is a program of Twaweza East Africa being implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Since 2009, Uwezo has conducted annual surveys to assess the basic competencies of children aged 6-16 (7-16 in Tanzania) in education.

Uwezo collects different types of data including:

  1. Data on the environment in which children live and the contributory factors of children’s learning outcomes.  
  2. Data on actual learning levels of children aged 6/7-16 years old

These data are collected by visiting all census districts in the three countries. In 2015, we visited a total of 428 districts across the three countries.

To find out more about the data read here or you can watch it here.

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