A deep dive into Twaweza

Twaweza hosted two discussions for our Board and partners.

Is our education fit for purpose?

Panelists: Oskar Semweye-Musoke (Headmaster of Taibah International School, Founder of Kigo Thinkers, Host of the Capital Gang Show - Uganda) and John Ulanga (Country  Director, TradeMark East Africa)

  • School should be creating thinkers not rote learners, we need to think beyond the exam into relevant skills for the modern world. The curriculum should be reviewed.
  • Parents play a critical role in their children's learning and development, especially when it comes to encouraging critical thinking.

“Examinations should be scrapped but daily tests about what you have learnt should be encouraged” - Oskar Semweye-Musoke

Is civic space being squeezed to submission?

Panelists: Maria Sarungi Tsehai (Founder, Compass Communications and Change Tanzania) and Erick Kabendera (Freelance  journalist - Tanzania)

  • Panelists pushed back on the notion of the closure of civic space, pointing to the huge rise in social media use in recent years. They were able to cite instances from Tanzania where social media campaigns have generated tangible outcomes. There was some lamentation of the lack of strong activism among local traditional civil society.
  • The importance of institutions and the other fundamental tennets of democracy are still essential, even in the face of the democratization of the means of communication.

"Social media is essentially an amplification of word of mouth, human beings' most powerful and prevalent form of communication. We cannot disregard people with higher numbers of followers on social media than the circulation of many newspapers” - Erick Kabendera

Twaweza aims to continue the conversation and work in our two domains.

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