Let the lawyers manage themselves

As part of our commitment to promoting rule of law in Tanzania, Twaweza was invited to and submitted an analysis of proposed amendments to the law establishing Tanganyika Law Society (TLS - the Bar Association).

Read the full written analysis on the proposed amendments.

The three laws covered in the analysis are:

  • Tanganyika Law Society Act
  • Local Government (District Authorities) Act
  • Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act

We commend the intention to align and synergise different laws and to keep up with changing contexts.

In particular, we are supportive of the inclusion lens brought in through the amendments proposed to the Tanganyika Law Society Act. These amendments allow for more representative decision-making across geographic lines in particular and take note of the important role and historic exclusion of women and youth from decision-making positions in the Society. However, we continue to insist on the importance of the Tanganyika Law Society as an independent organisation with a special role in embedding rule of law in the country. For these reasons it is important that, to the maximum extent possible, the Society is left to self-regulate and govern according to rules and procedures set by members and the Council.

In addition the amendments to this Act are likely to have the unintended consequences of limiting decision-making to fewer members of the Society, diminishing democracy and making decisions easier to influence externally.

The changes to the Local Government Acts (district authorities, urban authorities), while needed, are mis-phrased such that they preclude the possibility of suing local authorities. This should be corrected.

For more detailed analysis read full submission.



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