Budget Visualisation Dashboard Launched

Uwazi at Twaweza has just launched an easy to use Budget Visualisation Dashboard. The aim is to make the use of public money in Tanzania -- from both taxpayers and donors -- more accessible and understandable. As a result citizens, journalists, members of Parliament and NGOs will now be in a better position to know how the money is spent, and to ask questions about it. The information can be viewed in different ways.

It can be shown as actual and per capital allocation for each region in different sectors. Data can be displayed as allocations to different MDAs. Through per capita view, a reader can see how much money the Treasury allocated each citizen for say, education, water and health. Clicking on a particular region on the map generates a display of expenditures in this region’s districts.

On the dashboard, data is displayed as bubbles, where bigger bubbles show bigger allocation, or as bar charts. The information can also be downloaded or printed.

The data on the new dashboard will be updated regularly to make budgetary information more accessible to citizens and all stakeholders who want to follow and monitor the national budget. Currently it has budgetary information for the fiscal years 2009/10 and 2010/11.

You can access the dashboard from here. For more questions contact Rose Aiko, Research Analyst at Uwazi:

Read more: budget dashboard



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