Are our Children Learning? Numeracy and Literacy Across East Africa 2011

Are Our Children Learning?Are Our Children Learning?Are Our Children Learning?
A really powerful report was launched on Monday July 4 in Dar es Salaam. The Uwezo East Africa Report presents, for the first time, data comparing literacy and numeracy levels across East Africa, based on a survey of over 80,000 households-- the largest exercise of its kind. The findings give the clearest picture we have so far of the basic foundation and readiness of Kenyan, Uganda and Tanzanian citizens to thrive, including their engagement with East African integration. How do the countries do against their own benchmarks? How do they do relative to each other? How does the picture look when broken down by wealth quintile? Which factors explain success? The report answers these questions. Read it here.

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Authors: Andrew Dorica



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