Uwezo Report creates buzz in East African media

Uwezo's new East Africa report on child literacy and numeracy in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania generated a media buzz throughout the region after former Secretary General of the East African Community Juma Mwapachu launched it in Dar es Salaam on July 4. Many regional newspapers have reported and analyzed the findings, which show that English, Kiswahili, and arithmetic competencies among children aged 6-16 are very low across all three countries. In a front page article, the East African advises that if one needs to go to school in East Africa, he/she should do it Kenya, as literacy and numeracy rates were higher among students in Kenya that those in Tanzania and Uganda. Other newspapers took different stances regarding the report. The Citizen in Tanzania urged that the Government must take these criticisms positively. Tanzania Daima, Nipashe, Mtanzania, The African, Habari Leo and Mwananchi also reported on various findings from the Uwezo study this week. Kenya’s The Nation reports about the findings as well. Owen Barder notes in his blog that there is hope in the fact that some districts performed much better than others. “The fact that some places do better than others suggests that improvements are possible within those contexts,” he writes.


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