Will Shs 1.5 trillion be well managed?

Recently the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) released the first value for money (performance) audit of road works in Tanzania in which 10 major road projects under TANROADS’ management were audited. The audit assesses the effectiveness of the government’s systems to manage road works. This brief summarizes the findings of the audit.

The audit concludes that the management system for road works of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development/Tanzania Roads Agency (MOID/TANROADS) does not do well in ensuring economy, efficiency and effectiveness of road works. It finds for instance for the ten road projects audited that not one that was completed on time. It also reports that the final costs of the roads was 57% higher than what was originally budgeted.

This poor performance leads to poor quality, delays, cost overruns and above all reduced value for money to tax payers’ resources. The auditor general’s report suggest ways to better ensure that the large budgets allocated to roads will be well spent.

Main problems identified by performance audit

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Authors: Uwazi



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