From 'things happen to me' to 'I make things happen': Twaweza's approach

Speaking to the Governance DP Group in April 2010, Twaweza Head Rakesh Rajani said that development doesn’t work when it a) places faith and funds in unaccountable governments, b) runs short-lived boutique projects that reach very few, or c) gets good people to participate in dysfunctional policy processes.

Twaweza therefore realized it would have greater success by working with the networks that already exist in each village and urban neighbourhood. These are what we call the five networks: religion, mass media, mobile telephony, consumer goods networks, and teachers' unions. 'This approach is about energizing development through imagination, by creating opportunities for people to know, connect and act, and by creating incentives for those in charge to be more responsive and deliver,' Rajani said.

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Authors: Rakesh Rajani



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