Dissatisfaction grows over access to water in Dar

There has been little change in the past six months when it comes to Dar es Salaam citizens’ access to clean and affordable water. The Listening to Dar Survey interviewed 324 respondents and found that only one in four households have access to water mains. Approximately 34 percent get their water from a well or borehole, 31 percent from a neighbour’s tap and just over 21 percent from a tap inside their building. Those who didn’t have access to piped water said that it was because there was no connection in their neighbourhood or they couldn’t afford the connection costs.

At the time of the interview, citizens reported that one in four public water kiosks or taps were not functional, making it an unreliable option, and used by only 1.2 percent of respondents. Without access to the public kiosks, residents ended up paying five times more than the official rate.

While services have remained relatively static, citizens are increasingly unhappy: 63 percent thought the government was performing poorly in ensuring access to clean and safe water in the city, compared to just over 52 percent in January 2012. 

Read the full report in English and Kiswahili. The Listening to Dar survey was set up by Twaweza and is now managed by the World Bank. By the end of this year Twaweza expects to roll out mobile phone based survey nationwide across Tanzania.

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