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Managing natural resources

Archive 2 Jun 2014 hot | Hot Topics

Four out of five citizens believe that oil and gas will benefit them, their children and the country. At the same time, four out of ten (37%) believe that people in Government and the rich will benefit the most. More than half of the population (55%) want some of the revenue from oil and gas to be given directly to citizens in cash.

Are we safe?

Archive 4 Mar 2014 | Hot Topics

Almost half (46%) of all Tanzanians report having witnessed violence in public in the last six months as compared with one out of five (20%) who report having had something stolen from them. This brief presents nationally representative findings on security.

Tanzania in 2025

Archive 4 Dec 2014 | Hot Topics

More than half of citizens (54%) think their lives will be better in 2025. This is true among young and old, men and women, and rural and urban residents.

Great expectations

Archive 2 Sep 2015 | Hot Topics

Citizens are significantly misinformed about the potential of the country’s gas deposits. Almost 2 out of 10 (or 17%) think that they will be employed in the sector.

Let's build one house

Archive 6 Oct 2014 | Hot Topics

Eight out of ten citizens (80%) think Tanzania should remain in the East African Community (EAC). In addition, nine out of ten (85%) approve (or strongly approve) of greater integration with Kenya and Uganda in particular.

Tanzania: Money Matters

Archive 15 Dec 2016 | Hot Topics

Do citizens have bank accounts? Do they make use of other financial services? What do they use mobile money for? These and other data from Sauti za Wananchi.

The Roots of Radicalization

Archive 16 Nov 2016 | Hot Topics

Looking at what Kenyan citizens think about radical groups; their suggestions on how to manage radicalism and if they think the Kenya Defense Forces should return home.

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