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Sauti za Wananchi, Form Four Results

Archive 14 May 2013 hot | Education

Parents perceive a downward trend in the quality of secondary schooling, and largely blame the government and teachers for the decline. These findings were collected through Africa's first nationally representative mobile phone survey, Sauti za Wananchi.

Capitation Grant

Archive 1 Aug 2013 hot | Education

Capitation grant receipts in schools in just the first quarter of 2013 are reported to be almost equal to the average that was disbursed for the whole year over the previous three years. However, parents are unable to follow up on funds as 8 out of 10 parents do not know how much capitation grant should be disbursed each year.

What's going on in our schools?

Archive 30 Jun 2014 | Education

Only 1 out of 10 citizens think that most children who finish Standard 2 are able to read and do maths at Standard 2 level. Even worse, only 3 out of 10 (31%) think that these children should be able to perform at the right level; meaning that citizens have no expectation that the education system will actually teach children the skills it is supposed to. This brief examines the state of schools, learning practice and parents’ involvement in their children’s education.

A New Dawn?

Archive 24 Feb 2016 | Education

Citizens' views on new developments in education

Reality Check

Archive 29 Nov 2016 | Education

Views of citizens about the state of education in Tanzania over the last one year; given that the current government has focused on improving the quality of education by providing desks, fee-free education and capitation grants that are sent directly to schools.

The key to life?

Archive 16 Jul 2015 | Education

Citizens’ views on education, with a focus on the quality of secondary school education.

Kenya’s Education Sector: How Basic?

Archive 11 Jul 2017 | Education

This brief presents data on citizens’ views on education matters. What do they see as the most serious problems facing the education sector at this moment, and how has this changed compared to previous years?

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