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Monitoring Services in Dar es Salaam

Did you know: 60% of households in the lowest income bracket of Dar es Salaam do not have electricity, compared to just fewer than 20% in the wealthiest? That 3 out of 4 city residents are satisfied with the quality of health care they receive? That water supply tops the list of what respondents would like their municipal government to invest in?

Tanzanians asked: How can government be more open?

Consultations on what should appear in Tanzania's Open Government Partnership (OGP) Country Plan were held on February 21 and 23, the first day focusing on policy related issues and the second on media, the private sector and basic service delivery. In attendance were Members of Parliament, government and non-governmental organization officials, trade union representatives, and college and university students. Comments from participants suggested that this initiative, if implemented, could restore trust in the government.

Twaweza asks for impounded calendars to be released by Ugandan authorities

For over a week, seven hundred thousand copies of the Twaweza 2012 calendar have been inexplicably impounded by the Ugandan police. Twaweza urges the authorities to release them so that the people of Uganda can benefit from its educational message.

Uwezo spreads message one bus ride at a time

Ugandan bus riders will have the chance to watch the Uwezo Uganda produced film Kyosiga's Dream as they travel through the country in the coming months. The 20 minute film highlights what appear to be average daily situations in the life of an 11 year old Ugandan boy that he finds himself in at home, in the community, and at school which either interfere or aid his ability to learn. Uganda Uwezo Country Coordinator Richard Ssewakiryanga said that the film is intended to induce popular action to support learning achievement for children in school. Kyosiga's Dream took ten months to produce from the time of shooting to the premiere of the film.

Uwezo weighs in on education debates in Kenya and Uganda

Uwezo news round-up for Feb.20-24.

Shujaaz.FM nominated for Emmy Award

Congratulations to Kenya's Shujaaz.FM on their 2012 Emmy nomination! This is the first time a Kenyan program has been nominated for this prestigious award, which recognizes excellence in media. Shujaaz.FM by Kenya's Well Told Story has been nominated for best 'Digital Program: Children and Young People.' Other nominees in the same category come from Sweden, the UK and Australia.

Debate on future of citizenship

What is the future of citizenship? That is the question Twaweza Head Rakesh Rajani will debate on February 23 with Arend Jan Boekestijn, a former member of parliament for the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) Party in the Netherlands. Boekestijn currently teaches at the University of Utrecht and has written a book on foreign aid policy. He is skeptical of development aid, believing it results in a passive attitude of citizens from both the donating and receiving countries. Rajani will share insights from a career focused on increasing citizen agency to bring about social change in East Africa.
93 Articles
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