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Twaweza and Uwezo Annual Plans 2015

We have just released our Annual Plans for 2015 for both Twaweza and Uwezo, the first plans from our new 2015 - 2018 strategy.

What did we do in 2013 | Annual Report

This report provides the highlights of what Twaweza achieved in 2013.

Twaweza and Uwezo 2013 Audited Financial Statements

Twaweza's financial statements are subjected to independent audit each year. Once approved by the Board, these are disclosed to the public. Audited Financial Statements for 2013 for Twaweza Main and Uwezo programs can be found here.

Twaweza and Uwezo Annual Plans 2014

We have just released Annual Plans for 2014 for our Uwezo initiative and our citizen engagement work. You can see what we plan to do and achieve, and some of the core ideas that inform our thinking. Plus expected outputs, potential partners and detailed budgets.

Twaweza Audited Financial Statement 2012

Twaweza Audited Financial Statement 2012.

What did we do in 2012 | Annual Report

Twaweza is excited to release our 2012 Annual Report which showcases some of the highlights of our year.

Twaweza Audited Financial Statement 2011

Hivos-Twaweza 2011 Audited Financial Statements
31 Articles
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