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Active and engaged? Ugandans’ experiences of participation and citizens’ agency

Civil servants themselves indicate that, while citizens can engage in processes to make their needs known, priority is given to proposals from public officials themselves.

Uwezo Learning Assessment Survey Tool and Tests 2018

Uwezo Learning Assessment Survey Tool 2018

Protecting Journalists and the Media: East African citizens’ views on media freedom

Across East Africa, more citizens generally support media freedom than government control of media, although this has fluctuated.

UN proclaim September 28th as the International Day for Universal Access to Information

A significant step has been taken to make a reality of “public access to information and fundamental freedoms.”

Twaweza at URA Taxpayers’ appreciation week

Twaweza sharesq citizens’ views and experiences on issues of public interest at the URA Taxpayers’ appreciation week at Kololo Independence grounds.

Learning Strategic Financial Management From the School of Hard Knocks

Without adequate reserves, CSOs are less able to navigate difficult times and must make painful budget cuts — cuts that reduce impact.

Twaweza Tanzania is selling a Toyota Prado

Twaweza is selling a Toyota Prado!
218 Articles
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