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Access to information in Tanzania undermined

Less aid to reduce allowances?

Article in the Citizen on how following a reduction in budget support Government is set to reduce allowances. Article cites Uwazi/Policy leaflet on allowances

A wake up call to female MPs

The Citizen
Recent pronouncements by President Jakaya Kikwete that the government is working on plans to adopt the 2008 Southern African Development Community (Sadc) protocol that calls for at least 50 per cent women representation in parliament are re-assuring. But the challenge is whether or not it will make a significant difference in the lives of ordinary Tanzanian women.The situation on the ground, defining the lives of the majority women in the country, will make this the most important and challenging fact facing women who are and will find themselves in decision-making positions, should this protocol come into effect.

Programme to evaluate literacy on mainland introduced

The Daily News reports that Tanzania Education Network (TENMET) under Uwezo will introduce a 'Literacy and numerical skills assessment' for the first time in Tanzania. This will evaluate school children in 19 regions of Tanzania mainland. This comes amid general concerns over the functioning of the education sector and the challenges it faces here in Tanzania.

Without fortified foods, thousands of Tanzanian children are dying

Effects of malnutrition in Tanzania are described in details.

Fortification saves lives

Without fortified foods, thousands of Tanzanian children are dying. Over 43,000 children in Tanzania will die this year as a result of malnutrition, a new report by Uwazi notes....

The good life can kill

UNCONTROLLED eating behaviours and life styles are some of the factors that contribute to the rapid increase of obesity cases and heart related problems, said a leading consultant at Muhimbili National Hospital yesterday. Dr Amour Amour, a specialist in Internal Medicine, told the 'Daily News' in an exclusive interview that even though it wasn't yet lunchtime, he had already seen 15 patients with health complications related to eating habits.
186 Articles
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