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Government seeks citizen views on quality of services

Twaweza, as part of its contribution to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), has launched a competition that offers laptops to individuals and schools of their choice for submitting the best views about improving the quality of health, education and water services, and what citizens can do to make a difference.

Where are our children learning?

Under what conditions do children learn? A new policy brief, Where are our children learning? School quality and learning in Kenya, aims to bridge that gap and focuses on the characteristics of government primary schools across Kenya.

Ibrahim, Machel and Robinson to lead the OGP Indeprendent Reporting Mechanism

International figures have joined the Open Government Partnership's (OGP) Independent Panel of Experts which will track progress made by participating governments against their OGP commitments.

Education RCT: Request for data collection proposals

This RFP is now closed.

Overall student-learning levels remain extremely low across East Africa. Twaweza seeks to conduct two separate interventions to address this.

"If she can do it, why can't I?" Ni Sisi! launched

Ni Sisi, a new multi-media campaign which promotes the idea that citizens can bring about change themselves, rather than waiting for governments, politicians, donors or NGOs to do it for them, was launched on 15 November 2012.

Anti-corruption campaign in Uganda

In marking Uganda's 50 year anniversary, TRAC FM teamed up with a number of other radio stations and John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre, to implement an anti-corruption campaign.

Opening up government spending

Twaweza launched the Tanzania Budget Explorer (TBE) in March 2012. This briefing note serves as a guide on how to use the data. The briefing highlights the different functionalities of the TBE and the ways in which the data can be interrogated.
245 Articles
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