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Dar es Salaam classrooms: Overcrowded, few books, no desks

A large e-learning conference has just opened in a modern world-class facility in Dar es Salaam, but city residents may have a long way to go before they can enjoy basic infrastructure in public schools. In a research brief released today, Uwazi at Twaweza shows that despite being closest to where policies are made, public primary schools in Dar es Salaam are in dire need of more classrooms, desks and textbooks.

If findings are ignored, why audit?

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) of Tanzania has been prompt in auditing and releasing audit findings on various operations of the Government in recent years. To the disappointment of many however, a clear indication that financial management situation is improving because of audits is lacking.

Do MPs who speak out in Parliament get re-elected?

On October 31st 2010, Tanzanians cast their votes to elect a new President and the 10th Parliament. Many MPs who served in the 9th parliament stood up for the election. Did their performance in Parliament matter to voters? How did it affect their chance of being re-elected for another 5 year term?

Unaccountable leaders.... what shall we do?

Christian and Muslim leaders in Tanzania made a joint public statement about which qualities to expect from political leaders during the 2010 General Elections. Based on the qualities of good leadership stipulated in the statement, Twaweza produced a comic book to give voters an election shopping list.

Where does the education money go?

Since the Government introduced free primary education in 2001, enrollment has increased tremendously, from 4.9 million pupils in 2001 to 8.3 million in 2010. While the increase in pupil numbers has been accompanied by a commensurate increase in the primary education sub-sector budget, education inputs have remained rather poor. This brief questions how the Government's primary education budget is used.

Is the money reaching schools?

Recently Tanzania launched the second phase of Secondary Education Development Programme (2010-2015). The aim is to improve quality and relevance of secondary education. In order to achieve this, government has committed to ensure that capitation grants reach schools on time. Does this happen in practice? In this policy brief, Twaweza, Hakielimu and Policy Forum highlight some of the gaps that have been observed in the first few months of SEDP II implementation.

Uwezo recognized in Tanzania Newspapers, Guardian UK and WB Strategy

Uwezo is increasingly being recognized as an effective way to develop citizen engagement and improve accountability in the delivery of public services.
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