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Are our children learning? Uwezo Uganda Report 2012

The third Uwezo Uganda annual report contains a wealth of information on children's learning levels in Uganda, alongside a range of details about the learning environment.

Are our children learning? Uwezo Kenya Report 2012

Uwezo Kenya released its third annual learning assessment report, presenting findings from a national assessment of over 153,000 children in terms of their literacy and numeracy skills.

Is Uwezo succeeding in engaging the public?

Do Uwezo's activities impact the communities in which their assessment of learning outcomes is implemented? Do the findings stimulate national debate and public action? Is their communications strategy effective? We are looking for answers to these key questions.

Uwezo: Shifting the focus from enrolment to learning

In 2010 Uwezo East Africa Regional Manager Sara Ruto gave a presentation at the World Bank in Washington, DC on the Uwezo initiative. She spoke of the tests school-aged children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were given to assess their capabilities in numeracy and literacy. She also spoke of Uwezo's communication strategy and how the organization's work had led to greater public understanding and debate about learning.

Uwezo East Africa Original Strategy: Promoting Learning in East Africa 2009-2013

This document outlines the proposal for the first four years (2009-2013) of the Uwezo initiative, specifically: (1) the situation analysis; (2) theory of change; (3) goal, outcomes and outputs; (4) Uwezo's progress so far; (5) program activities; (6) governance and management structure; (7) reporting; (8) potential risks and mitigation strategies; and (9) budget.

Uwezo Strategy Update: Improving Learning Outcomes in East Africa 2009-2013

Uwezo is at the midway point of its first four year (2009-2013) program cycle. A tremendous amount has been
achieved, and lessons learned. This document is an updated version of the original four year strategy and
proposal that incorporates adaptations made based on experience and learning. It is organized in seven
sections as follows: (1) the situation analysis; (2) theory of change; (3) goal, outcomes and outputs; (4)
program activities; (5); governance and staffing structure; (6) risk management; and (7) budget.

Uwezo Tanzania 2011: Our Children are still not learning

Last year, Uwezo carried out the first Annual Learning Assessment Report, which provided a country wide picture of the level of basic numeracy and literacy skills of our children in primary schools. Over 40,000 children in over 20,000 households, across 38 districts in Tanzania were assessed - this was the largest survey of its kind. One year on... Have these results changed? Are our children learning more?
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