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Schools, funds and learning

A review of Ugandans' awareness of Uwezo and the capitation grant.

International Albinism Awareness Day

To mark International Albinism Awareness Day, Twaweza collected data on Kenyans' perceptions of persons living with albinism through Sauti za Wananchi, Africa's first nationally representative mobile phone survey.

Are our children learning? The status of education in Uganda in 2015

This report is based on data from the fifth Uwezo assessment that was carried out in 2014 and a review of available evidence. The data were collected from a nationally representative sample of 28 districts in Uganda.

Into the light | Citizens and access to information in Kenya

Sauti za Wananchi provides new data on Kenyans' views on access to information.

Learning in mother tongues | JiElimishe

One of the reasons given for poor learning outcomes in Tanzania is the medium of instruction. Twaweza and the University of Dar es Salaam held a seminar on the role of our mothers' tongues in education.

Twaweza Annual Plan 2016

We have just released our Annual Plan for 2016 for both Twaweza and Uwezo, the second plan from our new 2015 - 2018 strategy.

Learning Note 10: How to find out what motivates people to vote when the outcome is all but certain? Applying the conjoint design to research around elections in Uganda

Outlining an innovative research conducted in Uganda, which used the conjoint methodology,to help evaluate Twaweza’s election-related initiatives, and also to conduct original, cutting-edge research into the often unstated reasons and motivations for how citizens vote.
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