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Better health starts with each one of us

In June 2013, Real2Reel Film Productions and Twaweza completed work on TV and radio public service announcements, two for each, that highlight the importance of citizen engagement in the health sector.

Research suggests that Tanzanians often do not purchase Malaria medication at the price subsidized by the Government. The recommended first-line treatment for Malaria – Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy, or ACT – has been subsidized at the manufacturing level and pharmacies are supposed to sell it to citizens at TSH 1,000. The subsidized price has been regularly promoted through mass media by the government so Twaweza wanted to provide some inspiration for what to do if pharmacies were non-compliant.

The first TV and radio spot created by Real2Reel for Twaweza informs citizens of the right price of ACT and tells a story of one father who wasn’t settling for paying more. Watch (with English subtitles).

Research also shows that the motivation of health workers can be influenced by positive reinforcement. When hearing compliments, good wishes or constructive reviews of their work, doctors and nurses tend to perform better. In Tanzania health workers are often vilified, in some cases unjustly. So Twaweza set out to show a different side to health workers and a different approach from patients.

That is why the second TV and radio spots focus on the encouragement of doctors.  Set in a busy hospital, a doctor arrives at work ready to face many challenges only to be pleasantly surprised. Watch (with English subtitles).

Watch the first and second TV spots here without subtitles, or catch them airing via Twaweza’s media partners, Star TV and Mlimani TV.

In both spots, the hero of change is ‘Bibi’ – a character created for our 2013 Calendar. Bibi is an unlikely hero in many senses but she keeps stepping in and showing us how we really can all be responsible for bringing change.

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