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How (un)equal is East Africa? How much do the top 1% own? New video from Twaweza

How (un)equal is East Africa? And does it matter? Twaweza's Open Development Consultant, Ben Taylor, has produced a video on the topic for his blog, mtega.comdrawing from recently published data. The key messages are stark:

The richest 1% in East Africa own as much wealth as the poorest 91%.

The richest six individuals in East Africa own as much as half the region’s population: 66 million people.

See the video for more information:




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Ben TaylorBen Taylor
Open Development Consultant for Twaweza. Also a blogger (in a personal capacity) at, co-coordinator of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) Open Development Working Group, co-editor of Tanzanian Affairs (the journal of the Britain Tanzania S

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