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Twaweza Policy Manuals 2019

Twaweza East Africa is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, registered under the Companies Act 2002 (Cap 212 of the Laws of Tanzania), with registration certificate number 113764. The organization’s activities throughout East Africa and globally are managed through Twaweza. During its first five years Twaweza was hosted under Hivos Tanzania; as of 1 January 2015 it became fully independent and manages its own affairs.

Twaweza operations are governed by policies which aim at enabling the application of fair, consistent, transparent and accountable governance and management of Twaweza. 

Twaweza policy manuals include:

Finance and Adminstration Policy manual - This manual contains the basic principles, policies and regulations that are to guide Twaweza East Africa’s financial and administration operations.

Human Resource (HR) Manual - This manual has been prepared to enable the application of fair, consistent and equitable terms and conditions for all employees.

Program Policies - This manual describes the philosophy and policies guiding the work of the different Twaweza units and programs.

Governance and Management policies - This manual has been prepared to ensure transparent and accountable governance and management of Twaweza.

The terms of these Policies apply to each staff member unless determined otherwise by the Board.


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