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Uwezo spreads message one bus ride at a time

Ugandan bus riders will have the chance to watch the Uwezo Uganda produced film Kyosiga’s Dream as they travel through the country in the coming months. The 20 minute film highlights what appear to be average daily situations in the life of an 11 year old Ugandan boy that he finds himself in at home, in the community, and at school which either interfere or aid his ability to learn. Uganda Uwezo Country Coordinator Richard Ssewakiryanga said that the film is intended to induce popular action to support learning achievement for children in school. Kyosiga’s Dream took ten months to produce from the time of shooting to the premiere of the film.

Uwezo conducted research on the buses that travel long distances around the country and realized that most have TV sets but lack content. It was an untapped conduit for which messages could be delivered. The Uganda Bus Association was contacted and they welcomed the idea of broadcasting Kyosiga’s Dream on their routes, in order to promote its key message and to support the Uwezo initiative.

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Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja shares a light moment with the film stars at the premiere.

Uwezo Uganda Country Coordinator Richard Ssewakiryanga posing for a photo at the premiere of the film.


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