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Kenya: Living with Coronavirus

Households which depend on casual work, generally concentrated in urban areas especially big cities, are by far the hardest hit by crises of food and income caused by the Coronavirus.

Uwezo data on learning

Hundreds and thousands of data points from six years of the Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment.

The Political Parties Act

Twaweza is working with other civil society organisations to challenge the proposed amendments to the Political Parties Act.

ATTENTION: Beware of employment fraud

Twaweza never solicits money from job applicants. Beware of fraudsters promising to secure you a job at Uwezo or Twaweza.

Consultancy | Data Management in Uganda

In 2018 Uwezo has undertaken a national assessment in 32 districts in Uganda involving approximately 960 primary schools, approximately 19,000 households and over 35,000 children. We now seek a data management firm to manage our data entry process.

Amendments to the Statistics Act | Our View

As a stakeholder in independent research and data collection, Twaweza has analysed the proposed revisions to the Statistics Act (2015). It is worth noting that elements of the amended act remain open to competing perspectives, depending on one’s vantage point. As one among several interested parties to this discussion, here is our take:

Uganda: Frankly Speaking

7 out of 10 think that radio and television stations should be free to produce their own news programs (68%); and a similar number (72%) think that the news media should investigate and report on government mistakes and corruption.
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